Seed VS Pollen

Ok people it’s great to see you all have an intrest in the idea. The other reason I brought up seeds vs pollen is because of the current enviorenment of having powdery substances(remember the average person has no idea what pollen looks like)in the mail. I would love to talk to every one further about this. Maybe the key would be to create an informal member committe / special intrest club for RHA members.You know an area in the web site for members only that shows I have this pollen, I have this seed, etc. Plus, feel free to e-mail me directly.

The fact I have Boylan Farms I some times forget many people lack lots of free space, I guess I have been living in the country too long now.

By the way, great steps with this area of the web site.


p.s. Hay for the newer members like myself, it would be great to see what state you all are from when making a posting or reply. Or maybe if we we had a profile section so we can all get to know each other a little better.

Peace to all!

Bob - aka Roseman

I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to ship pollen in envelopes–to much chance of it getting out and confused with other stuff. However, I don’t see a problem with shipping in solid sealed containers (like film canisters or the plastic craft jars I use).

Also, I’m from the dry part of Washington State–the only “evergreen” about this area is the sagebrush. (“Washington–the evergreen state”)

Hi Bob

I live 60 miles west of St. Louse MO.

I’ve heard that only envelopes are being zapped. You should have no trouble shipping seeds or pollen in boxes. I’ve also heard threw the grape vine that the Post Office is reconsidering the hole idea in the wake of the damaged items.

Mail irradiation is only taking place on a very limited amount of mail – almost exclusively on mail headed to government buildings, so that wouldn’t be a problem in a pollen exchange. And, like Joan said, as long as the pollen is in a sealed container and isn’t puffing out of the envelope, I wouldn’t expect it to cause panic. It isn’t like the post office is opening letters to see if there is powder in them.

In short, I think a pollen/seed exchange would be a great addition to this website.

Oh, I live in Leroy Ohio – which is a tiny town no one has heard of. It is about 30 miles east of Cleveland, ten miles South of Lake Erie, which means I am too far from the lake to enjoy the stunningly rich and light alluvial soil near the lake that makes that area one of the nursery captials of the country (Though they are mostly uninteresting whole-sale nurseries growing nothing but acre after acre of yew bushes and other blighted, over-used shrubs for boring foundation plantings.) and am stuck with a thick, heavy, infertile clay soil which is water logged much of the year. So, I make hybrids with R. palustris, the swamp rose, and enjoy the summer months when those people with sandy soil near the lake have to water things every other day and I don’t.


Would you like to arrange pollen and seed swaps through this forum, or did you have something else in mind? A different area on this web site?

BTW, I live near Monterey Bay on the Central California coast. The temperature is moderate year round. It rarely exceeds 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) in the warmest months. There has been just one hard frost in the last ten years, when the temperature got down to the mid 20s. Winters are often rainy, and Summers are often foggy. I live on a hill that was an ancient sand dune, and my soil is mostly sand ranging from one inch to three feet deep over sandstone.