Seed Swaping!

Who might want to start a seed trading program for RHA members. Pollen I would stay away from, after a couple weeks it’s staying power falls off fast.

Peace to all!


Well, I wouldn’t be too interested in seed exchange – but a pollen exchange would be wonderful. I’ve traded pollen with people many times before, and it does work wonderfully. It doesn’t take too long to ship it, and it will stay viable for quite a long time if kept cold and dry. I find myself often wanting to buy a rose just to collect pollen for one hybridization and then ditch it. Trading pollen makes it easier to use a wide range of parents without having to devote tons of space to them.


I agree with Joseph. Most of us have limited space in our gardens for all the interesting parent roses we might want, but it only takes minutes to collect pollen and it can be mailed for next to nothing.

I have had some really interesting crosses from pollen mailed to me by folks who share my interests.

I am not in the least opposed to swapping seeds, I do it all the time with OP seeds of many of my roses, and have gotted some of my favorite breeders from OP seeds that others have sent me.


I’d also be interested, but primarily in pollen.


I would be interested in this but it will be next spring before I put in my rose garden. Is there a page for this somewhere on the site?

I was sent some red rose seeds and have them chilling in the fridge with moss right now. I am going to start them probably in february. She wasnt sure what the rose was but said it was a very pretty red one. So my first ‘unknown’ to play around with…


Pollen exchange, yes…seed exchange, not interested.


A pollen exchange would be good, but I’m still interested in seeds. Perhaps a little space could be set aside for people to offer or ask for seeds and then make personal arrangements between the parties.