seed parent and pollen parents???

When you see seed parent written like this what does mean? SEED:(International Herald tribune xRosa Soulieana creeper) x(Sweet Chariot x Blue Nile ) And pollen parent written so Pollen: Blue nile x (ivory tower X Angel face)??? Larry

It means this:

Simon … can you explain this in actual steps? Larry

Yep :slight_smile:

There are three un-named seedlings that were used here and rather than just label them as ‘unknown seedling’, as so often happens, the breeder has documented all the steps along the way. The first un-named seedling was made by performing the cross in the red ‘cloud’. This produced un-named seedling 1. The second un-named seedling was made by performing the cross in the blue ‘cloud’. This produced un-named seedling 2. Un-named seedling 1. and 2. were crossed and this made the seed parent you mentioned. The third un-named seedling was made by crossing the roses in the green ‘cloud’ making un-named seedling 3. Un-named seedling 3. was crossed with ‘Blue Nile’ to make the pollen parent you mentioned. The variety in question is what resulted when the seed parent and the pollen parent you’ve mentioned were crossed.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

This was a cross of two unnamed seedlings. Call them seedling S (seed) and seedling P (pollen).

Seedling S had as its parents two other unnamed seedlings. Seedling S had as its seed parent a seedling which was a cross of IHT and R. soulieana, and seedling S had as its pollen parent a seedling which was a cross of Sweet Chariot and Blue Nile.

Seedling P had as its parents a named variety as seed parent, Blue Nile, and an unnamed seedling as its pollen parent which was a cross of Ivory Tower and Angel Face.

To put it in human terms, International Herald Tribune, R. soulieana, Sweet Chariot and Blue Nile are the great grandparents of the variety in question on its mother’s side. Its grandparents and parent on that side were unnamed. On its fathers side, Blue Nile was a grandparent and Ivory Tower and Angel Face were its great-grandparents. One grandparent on this side and its parent on this side were unnamed.


It’s interesting that (‘Ivory Tower’ x ‘Angel Face’) x ‘Blue Nile’ is the same parentage as for the HT called ‘Blue Ribbon’.

Blue Ribbon, Lagerfeld and Plum Crazy of w/e …maybe more.

Thank you Simon, Mark… Everybody for clearing things for me.Larry