Seed Dormancy in Rosa as a Function of Climate -scientific article



Looks like they came up with the same conclusion I’ve surmised. Some years it works well and other years it doesn’t depending on the genetics involved in the cross.

I’ve noted definite seed size differences dependent on pollen parent too.

So is this article saying that pre-harvest temperatures are more important that storage temperatures?

“More important” is probably not the appropriate term. If you live in an area with a cool fall and grow your roses outdoors, you will probably need to use a period of cold stratification to get good germination for hybrid rose seeds. If you live in an area with warm late season periods or are able to use a heated greenhouse, you may be able to germinate your hybrid rose seeds without using a period of cold stratification.

I wonder if my using the 2 by 2 plastic zip lock bags on the hips does not help by simulating somewhat a “local” greenhouse.

Jerry M. Baskin and Carol C. Baskin have published a number of papers on various aspects of seed germination. A google scholar search using the terms Baskin and seeds yields the following:


The article below discusses the particular question of “Plant Population Differences in Dormancy and Germination Characteristics of Seeds: Heredity or Environment?”


The following non rose paper concludes that: “Within populations, response to temperature varied as a function of year of harvest and of within-year harvest date, indicating that germination patterns are probably not under rigid genetic control but represent an integration of genetic and environmental factors.”