Seed Appearance

Hey all,

Nowhere in my reading can I find a description of what the seeds look like. This is probably really a no-brainer, but since the only stupid question is the one not asked, I’ll ask it.

What color are the seeds? Do they vary in color?

What size are the seeds? Are they the size of an apple pip or smaller or larger?

How hard are the seeds? I’ve read that they’re extremely hard and it is unlikely I will damage them when I cut into the hip - is this really true? Destroying 6 months of work would make me extremely unhappy.

Do the seeds visibly pop out of the top of the hip when they’re ripe or is this something else I’m seeing?

Thank you all once again for your assistance.

I greatly appreciate all the help everyone has given to this newbie.


Most seeds are a pale brown/ivory–but they vary. The seeds vary in size and color. Some are about the size (around) as an apple pip, but thicker. Some are smaller or larger. Ripe seeds are very hard. Some seeds do pop out the top of the hip, this is not a sign of ripeness though.

Thanks Joan.