Sea Foam x Applejack first blooms

I’ve been waiting for SFA-01 to bloom and was pleased with the color and form after it opened. It turned out to be a pleasing pink and double with nicely colored filaments. The only negative so far is that it has little scent. Disease resistance is good.

Nice one Rob. Imaginative cross too.

I like it :slight_smile:

Ive been thinking about using Fire Meidiland, which is a descendant of Sea Foam. It looks like the better of the new red meidilands, and it looks fertile both based on lineage and the hips I have seen. It has 2 sets of Sea Foam in its lineage, which makes me anxious about black spot, but I think it will be okay. Hopefully your seedling will root easily like other Sea Foam hybrids, lol. That is one reason I wanted to mix in Fire Meidiland to both red floribundas and landscape roses. Modern roses are too annoying to root. They should be easier.

Thank you Robert and Jadae. The nice thing about Fire Meidiland is that it has R. Kordesii blood and that may help with disease reistance. I’m hoping that mine roots well also.