Scots Roses

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Thanks for link.

He says that scotch briers root readily, which was news to me.

Great reading Ross. Thanks for posting the link.

Here is a good example of what I said in another thread.

Species pimpinellifolia/spinosissima is wild here either at sea side or mountain summits.

Very low, neat, quite distinctive and wonderfull at flowering time.

Certainly the nicest native species. Quite adaptable also.

I do not actually breed it but would and will intending to preserve this species wonderfull personnality.

It was bred and contributes to some hardy and beautifull roses that mostly to allways lost its grace. I.e. the Fruhlings something have often interesting flowers with horrible plant habit.

We should have Modern Scots Roses.

Thank you, Ross, for the link. I had seen Peter Boyd’s pages several years ago and he’s made them even better.

The picture of the bright red stem and leaves that he calls fall growth. I am seeing those colors now on new growth, but my spinosissimas don’t seem to put out any new growth in fall. Does anyone is other climates see this color and when?

Has Stanwell Perpetual been used in breeding anywhere?

From HMF there is only one:

Ivan Louette bred Paula Vapelle from Stanwell Perpetual.

Details are in his Botarosa site.


I have to agree with you with respect to spinosissimas. If I could ever get the chance to start a little more serious hybridizing, I would be using 2 spinosissima hybrids as one branch of my hybridizing attempts. The roses I hope to use are Beauty of Leafland and J5. Both of which are really pleasant roses. J5 had a very pleasing bloom. Both of them have wonderful red fall foliage and seem to be very sturdy plants. This year will be the first year that I will be able to expect quite a bit of blooming.

Though I had thought of using a lot of species when I had first started setting my goals, I quickly decided to choose from some of the near species hybrids that I could find.

The 3 species that I think are the most interesting for what I am trying to do are r. laxa, r. spinosissima and r. wichuraiana. I have fairly close hybrids to each species that I have gathered. J5 and BoL are spinosissimas, Suzzane which is r. laxa x r. spinosissima and Glen Dale, which is close to wichuraiana. There will be a lot a use of Applejack as well since it has both laxa and wichuraiana(distantly).

Actually, ‘Suzanne’ has been said to have ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ as its spinosissima parent.