Scent From Above

Lineage never ceases to amaze me. The Nov. ARS has finally shown Scent From Above’s lineage. For anyone interested, this is a very healthy, easy to care for yellow climber. It is not overly large and blooms well.

The lineage is interesting though. I suspected Laura Ford but could not think of anything for the rest. Well, the breeder used something old.

It turned out to be Laura Ford x Amanda

Amanda is an older yellow/pink floribunda from the UK that the US rarely saw. It is Arthur Bell x Zambra. So it has a lot of Rosa foetida in it through Goldilocks and a lot R. eglanteria from Arthur Bell. Well, a lot in contrast to most modern roses.

So spread this all out in length and the parentage would be like:

[Anna Ford x {Elizabeth of Glamis x (Galway Bay x Sutter’s Gold)}]

x [{Cl

I have a couple of hips from one I have in a pot. It did fairly well for me too considering the conditions it was growing. Some disease but not bad. Not sure what I did with the hips though.

Steven! =D Hope your trip went well. I know you love yellers.


What you mentioned is what hybridizers love to see - what parents are in your seedlings. WOW! 10 parents that you have kept track of - not an easy task, but very much appreciated!! Sure wish those that say seedling x seedling would give, at least, the seed parent which would give those that use it for a parent some indication of what characteristics one might expect to have in the plant. Spose there are always those that just do not want to let other hybridizers in on what they have done, or maybe they are just too lazy to keep any records.

It would be nice. For example, I’d love to know what is in Sundance. The ARS listed some Christensen seedling as the pollen parent that is not noted anywhere else and the rest is unknown. Argh how annoying to not have the details to something THAT gold and sun resistant. I guess there are numerous reasons for not listing the parentage. I wish all parentage was listed, tho. Most of us are not going to make a dime and just enjoy the hobby/learning. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue: It is kinda cool that Warner went back to older parents for a modern result, tho.

I’ve found Scent From Above, High Society and Social Climber to be highly disease resistant both at the beach here in Southern California as well as in the mid desert. For them to resist mildew in the “perma fog”, then rust and blackspot when it gets hot and humid says quite a bit about them. Others which have proven themselves to be very clean here are Midnight Blue, Neptune, Lime Sublime, Memorial Day, Hot Cocoa, both Honey Perfume and Honey Bouquet. At the beach, in the conditions they are held under, for any rose to show itself resistant to disease is remarkable.

Midnight Blue, Memorial Day and Hot Cocoa have proven highly resistant here. Lime Sublime was highly susceptible to mildew and BS. Neptune was moderately susceptible to BS but grows above it as well (much like Peace, in fact). I know High Society is a descendant of Sympathie and, if I remember right, Social Climber is, too, which is where they probably get excellent health from.

Oddly enough, I wanted to try Scent from Above x Hot Cocoa (or vice versa) this year but neither seems to be all that great as seed parents. I think Hot Cocoa would be great for getting orange into climbers. (Sympathie x Hot cocoa) x (Westerland x Scent from Above)might be doable. Hmmm! I bring this up because… try looking for a good orange climber. Orange Velvet is the only thing decent and it isnt all that great (I grow it but still… its like a 12 foot grandiflora, not much of a climber) and Westerland isnt a true orange (its more of a dark apricot) I did have seeds from Playboy x Sympathie this year. Hopefully they’ll germinate. I think the lack of the more diverse colors in climbers really limits them. Luckily more yellows are being produced!