Savoy Hotel for breeding

I am totally in love with some traits I am seeing in my Savoy Hotel hybrid tea rose that is going into it’s fourth year in my garden. I think it has some traits I would love to try and perpetuate in my hybrid tea hybridyzing.

No other hybrid tea I grow can compare with it’s winter hardiness. Once again this year my SH had not one inch of black cane dieback on it. That is typical in my experience. Bush health, vigor, floriferousness w/form, and good unpruned bush shape are excellent for me.

I know it sets hips, but don’t know much other than that.

Has anyone here tried it in their hybridyzing activities??? What were your opinions of it from a breeding standpoint and even just a good garden rose???


John, I’ve also been thinking of incorporating this beautiful rose into my breeding work. I had grown it years ago and really admired the colour and form. My winters are very cold and thus I’d be crossing it with very hardy types.

John, what zone are you in?


Terry, I am in zone 5 according to the latest greatest zone map guide.

However, I really think I am more in a zone 6 microclimate here in St. Joseph, MO where I live. I am 50 miles north of KC, and if you look at the map, there is a very small point of area designated zone 6 right around me. The coldest snap we had was a cold one—five below for a week to 10 days straight. Overall this was a longer colder winter than we have had in many years.

I really think you would do well to try Savoy Hotel. I was out today in the garden and noted just how vigorously SH is growing this spring. With no winter dieback, that certainly gives it a leg up on the rest of the garden.


John, thanks for giving information regarding your climate and your experience with Savoy Hotel. There are few if any Hybrid T’s that can survive my climate without either being protected or planted up against the foundation of a house, though this rose sounds like it just might be a bit hardier than most. I hope that after a few generations of crossings, some of Savoy’s good traits would still be evident.

PS I really should move to a milder zone!