Sally Holmes, and Ballerina

I love Sally Holmes, it is awesome in bloom. The blooms are so huge for a single. But I don’t see any decendents from her, and thought about Ballerina too. I heard that Ballerina maybe a triploid, and so if that is true, that would makes Sally Holmes a tetraploid. Is it true? I don’t see any decendents from this rose-- is it fertile? What’s the ploidy?

I understand that ‘Sally Holmes’ is infertile, or at least of very low fertility. That is why I have gone back to ‘Ballerina’ and have been pleased with the truly floriferousness (real word?) of some of the seedlings.

Wouldn’t it be neat to get ‘Sally Holmes’ in different colors, with better disease resistance and maybe even with a persica eye?!


Heyas. If you all love the multiflora hybrids then I suggest a peak at Lens work. I bought one of his hybrids called Bukavo from Heirloom this year. It looks like Ballerina with Dormund-like blooms. The parentage given is Rush x Brittania. Rush itself is a Ballerina hybrid. Anyhow, I’ll know if it is fertile in 3 years when it is mature but my point is that there are quite a few Ballerina and other multiflora hybrids of esquisite beauty and maybe even hybridization usage to some of ya.


I’ve been very intrested in using Rush-- actually, I would like to use any Lens rose since he works so much with Ballerina, Britania, multiflora species, and a few other hybrid musks. I’ve seen a few, like Rush, and they are beautiful and ruggedly healthy, but my only complaint that they all look the same; Pink or white, single, bushy but lovely. I wish he could create some variation such as a deep yellow rose in the mold of Ballerina. Or a Ballerina type with stripes.

I agree Jim, it would be nice to see a red-eyed Ballerina. Imagine it, a rose that has the flower power of Ballerina but in the fiesty red/yellow color of Tigris. Not a bad idea, and maybe Ballerina could be fertile with the sort of fertile Tigris. Tigris has a hybrid musk as a parent, Trier.

I’ve gotten a few seeds on my Sally Holmes plant. There were only a few seeds per hip and the germination was low. I think I got 2-3 seedlings, but they all looked like Sally Holmes and I didn’t keep them very long (was short on room that year).


Hiyas Enrique, there is a plant by Ilsink in quite a few of my books called Euphoria. From what I can tell it is a ballerina-style plant that has small, single flowers that are butter yellow edged in salmon orange. No parentage was listed in anything I have seen but I wouldnt doubt that Ballerina is in there somewhere. The major problem is that is seems to only be available in the UK.


I’ve been working with hybrid Musk rozes since years, trying to break out the pink, red and white color gamma that the lens roses currently display, still keeping all the good benefits of his roses. To mentioned a few of Lens hybrid musk beauty : Bouquet Parfait, Brigitte de Villenfagne, Gravin Michel d’Ursel, Guirlande d’Amour, Neige d’Ete, Omi Oswald, Poesie, Puccini, Ravel, Robe de Soie, Rush etc. Lens named his roses moschata’s, even though their more multiflora rose related, for him it also had something to do with recognition, as out Belgium beside Rush, his roses are not well know even though they have great qualities. Quite a bit of these roses won major prices on the different European Rose tournaments. Becoming charmed with his roses, I had to change to talk to him a few times. He advised me to use Ravel and Puccini as seed plants as a starting point. On top on this I’m also working with Brigitte de Villenfagne, Robe de soie and Guirlande D’amour. I’ve some success in getting different colors and forms into it the HMusk roses.

Further more, In my search to a new type of healthy floribunda roses, perhaps it exist, and it even may sound a bit ridicules, but the flowers need to bring at anytime (so also when they are way over the top even almost outbloomeded)… I got this inspirement by a few older HMusk such as Heinrich Conrad S

Awesome =)

As previously mentioned…

My seedling, rose-selection pictures are now available on the web… Follow the link “Bekijk de fotos van mijn creaties.” on the main page.

I do appologise that in this poin in time, it’s in Dutch only, however the pictures do speak for themself.



I love LKX0035…It is close to what I want to obtain myself.

0034 is very fine too !!!

I was able to find an online translator here:

Hope that this will help.


My favorites are 0046 and 0052. Good job!

Here is another translator.

Neither Enrique’s or this ones does a great job.

Chris Mauchline


LKX0080 is intresting, how do the blooms develope as they age?


Bringing up the past, a lot, it surprises me that people don’t put more effort into making ‘Sally Holmes’ work. Every year mine sets quite a lot of OP hips and it is always very clean (~90% or better I would say). I’ve tried it as a pollen parent before and got nothing. This season I’m trying it as a seed parent as there is evidence that it can work as one on HMF ( 'Souvenir de Robert Schuman' Rose ). I’ve never tried to germinate the OP seeds though looking at Kim’s ‘Yellow Sally’ maybe I should! It has excellent own-root vigour too. Mine, coming into its second large flush of bloom for the season, is 3 years old from a small 20cm cutting (photo taken about 30minutes ago):

[attachment 1324 SallyHolmes3.jpg]

Sally is a GREAT landscape rose here! She rivals all the Iceberg permutations. You see her everywhere. There can be black spot issues in some climates, but around here, she’s spotless. I’ve also never had any success with her pollen and Yellow Sally is the only worthwhile result of her seeds. I want to try Lynnie on her this year. I have seeds under soil of Yellow Sally X Eyes for You, long before I learned those seedlings tend to run rampant! I’m scared! LOL!

Yellow Sally X Eyes for You. Kim, this should be a good cross or outcome

I would LOVE a rampant blotcher, Kim!

Hang on Simon, I saw it first