S.G.A. Doorenbos

A biograpgy of S.G.A. Doorenbos was published in 1983 in a journal available at the Wageningen University library. Does anyone live near enough to go there? I’m wondering if it might mention anything about Doorenbos Selection or his other rose hybrids.

SGA Doorenbos : leven en werk SGA Doorenbos: Life and Work", Belder J., Dendroflora V20 pp. 15-24. Dutch dendrological Association (Boskoop) (1983)

Link: library.wur.nl/WebQuery/artik/lang/650162


I’m pulling a blank on where you live, but there are options in North America.

The link below is distance from my house to libraries that get Dentroflora.

And the National Agricultural Library also receives this and has a Interlibrary Loan function.

I did check the UGeorgia library and they seem to have all the Dendroflora’s published.

Most regional universities have a list of other universities with whom they have reciprocal arrangements.

I will be at one of the library locations (Plant Protection Service in Wageningen) sometime in November so I can ask for it there. Although it is probably stored in someplace where they can’t dig it up for me very easily. If I have time I can also visit the library there, if necessary or ask them for a copy. I currently don’t have the time to translate the entire text for you, but I can look for interesting parts about the rose selections and translate them.

I remember being a bit disappointed in the information I could get out of the Geschwind book when I read it on screen through Google Books. If I recall correctly, there was not much info about actual crossings he made in the book. Just general info on how to hybridize roses. However, I did not study it in-depth though. Don’t like reading books on screen.


For what its worth, you can buy the original volume of dendroflora for 5 Euro off a web site www.esveld.nl with the only problem being how to pay them plus shipping.