Rugosa standard tree rose- trunk graft stock

I am writing in hopes that someone can identify the rose stock used in the

trunks of two standard tree roses that are Rugosa, called Wild Berry


and Wild Spice.

These Rugosa Tree roses were introduced by J & P in the early 2000’s and I have 4 of them.

Recently I got some sucker canes from the trunk graft and the flower bud small, round, white with a hint

of pink. I was told that the trunk stock was a rose by Le Grice. However, that was incorrect. The Jackson Perkins people did not know. If anyone knows who to contact or what the standard trunk graft is, I would be very happy.

The florets will be beautiful when they open but I can’t show them unless they are identified by name and class.



If the florets open white, with a lovely strong scent and have yellow anthers that turn brown within a day, and if the leaves on the sucker canes have seven to nine leaflets per leaf and fringed stipules at the base of each leaf, you’ve probably got Rosa multiflora which has been widely used in grafting and budding (although I don’t remember hearing it used in standards.)