Rugosa #3 seedling

This is a Seqouia Ruby x Rugosa #3 seedling that shows above average disease resistance and has a nice bloom form. I have a hip on the plant from pollen used from MORjerry so it appears to have fertility. I’m hoping to use this one to bring disease resistance and hardiness to miniatures. This one is thornless or nearly so.

It will be interesting to see how much hardiness R#3 gives to this seedling.

My OP R#3’s seem to be pretty hardy, but I don’t know the pollen parent(s).

I think I have hip set on R#3 from Petit Pink pollen, which matches with your breeding goals. I’m excited to what comes of that cross.


Like your R#3 x PP cross. Look forward to seeing what comes of that. I’ve used Sequoia Ruby with pollen from Therese Bugnet, R#3 and Bella Nitida and all are mini and show slight resemblence to pollen parents with all exhibiting average to above average resistance to BS. I’m hoping hardiness was inherited. I may be looking for cold weather testing if you have space down the road.


I’d be happy to provide the cold weather testing.