Rugelda X R15 pollen

If anyone is interested in Rugelda X R15 pollen, please send me an e-mail that includes your post office address in a form that I can simply cut out and paste on the envelope.

I will write on the package “rose pollen”. If you live outside of the U.S., it will be your responsibility to follow whatever rules your customs requires.

Roses here are not even in bud yet so it will be probably another month or so.

For those who requested seeds, they should be in the mail within a week.

Henry, I’ll send you an e-mail later. Would be interesting to use it on one of my Graham Thomas x Baby Love seedlings, if they are promising this year (still young and haven’t culled yet). Would also be interesting to put it on Golden Celebration or Graham Thomas itself.

Anyway, rose pollen is not subject to phytosanitary regulation in the EU. So it can be sent without any special procedures. The same goes for seeds by the way.


I’m definitely interested in pollen, but the CFIA web site is a bit confusing with regards to what requires an import permit & phytosanitary certificate and what does not. I’ll follow up on this end to see what I can figure out.

Dee or Paul, do you have any idea about rose pollen crossing the border?


I’ve sent pollen to Canada–no probllem. I just put it in an envelope and sent it. So long as it doesn’t have spider mites or “Rose Wilt” there will be no problem.


Now that I think of it: it would be interesting to put in on Clare Grammerstorf!


Henry, put me on the list for rugelda x R15 pollen, the more the better from the looks of it. I promise to put it to good use. I’ll send you an email via the RC with my address and particulars.