Rugelda X R-15 pollen ready

If you would like some Rugelda X R-15 pollen, send me an e-mail with post office address typed out so that I can cut it out and tape it to an envelope.

I will mail to other countries, but I write on the envelope that the contents are rose pollen so it is your responsibility to comply with any import restrictions your country may have.

For U.S. growers, I can also send cuttings for starts and/or for grafting.

As usual, first received, first sent until I run out.

No charge for pollen and/or cuttings.

When I collected the pollen, I also used the same procedure to collect some for my own use. Today I found that my pollen was not dried enough (turned black). If yours turned black, let me know and I will try to collect some more (and do a better job of drying).


Mine seemed fine… it seemed a little moist but I got plenty of pollen so that even if a lot of it is damaged, I’m sure it’s has enough fertility.

I’ve made a cross of your pollen on my Livin’ Easy X Robusta.

It will be intersting to see how the Robusta parentage will combine with each other with the other genes from R-15. I do hope the seedlings will turn out yellow…

I’m making the same cross tomorrow when the flowers are ready to be emasculated.

Thank you for the pollen.