Rugelda X Goldmoss seedling

I did several crosses with Rugelda this last season and have one real interesting seedling. It is Rugelda x Goldmoss and right from the start it was vigorous and developed the strikingly shiney deep green leaves of Rugelda. It was not particularly thorny so imagine my surprise when the first bud on it is heavily mossed and has the strong scent of resin. It is on a fairly long stem which surprises me. It is now just a tiny bud so it will be a few weeks before it blooms.

I have to leave town for a week and have asked my daughter, Katie to water my seedlings for me so they don’t die while I’m gone. I sure hope she remembers. Those little pots dry up fast.

I’m hoping for yellow blooms with the red/pink edges like the mother.


Well the bud finally opened and it was really nice. I took two pics with my digital camera but for some reason I can’t get it posted on the Rose Gallery. It is mostly yellow with red highlights and the opening bud is similar to hybrid tea except for the mossing. It is very double and opened flat and saucer like. It had a fruity scent that even I could smell, which is quite something.

It has the shiny foliage of Rugelda and I hope it is as disease resistant.

If I can figure out how to get the picture posted I will, but I think the file is too large and nothing I did would make it work.