Rugelda,Leverkusen and Lichtkonigen Lucia

As I’m restricted with room for many more roses,I’d be interested in any positive or negative comments on the above three roses.How are they as pollen or seed parents? Also,other input on disease resistance,hardiness,repeat bloom,flower form and scent would be appreciated. Thank you, Brad

I’ve only grown Leverkusen for a couple years in the late 1990’s. I tried to make crosses with it as a female, but my growing season wasn’t long enough for the hips to mature. It did set hips. It’s a very double, rather light yellow. THe plant was healthy, but not winter hardy enough for my climate and eventually died even with protection (I was in zone 3 at the time, Northern WI).


I have the offspring of Lichtkonigen Lucia called Freisinger Morgenrote. I cant comment on the 3 on your list but if Friesinger turned out fine w/out disease and some scent. The plant is more of a pillar than a shrub of climber, though. Sort of in the manner of Altissimo. The yellow definately carried over, too, as Fresinger is a peach/gold bi-color. Hope that helps some.

Several years ago, I noted that ‘Freisinger Morgenrote’ performed well at the Royal Botanical gardens located at Hamilton, Ontario. However, when I grew it on Vancouver Island it was susceptible to blackspot and the shrub never grew well. ‘Rugelda’ and ‘Lichtkonigen Lucia’ grow well on Vancouver Island, and the former cultivar is one of the most attractive shrub roses ever developed. ‘Rugelda’ works well as both a pistillate and staminate parent, but I don’t believe any of its selections have been registered yet.

Leverkusen is the only one I have. It has not taken a cross in two seasons, aborting the hips after the intial swell. It pollinates itself very well. Nearly all the seeds sank in water. Germination of its own seeds was 20% fall/winter 2002/3. The early seedlings from Leverkusen OP/SP were vigorous but did not survive. I kept the ungerminated seeds in a cool room in the basement after April. I got them out in November only to find out that another 20% had germinated and died from April to November in temperatures that were 60-65. Of those that remained, one germinated in November and is doing very well. I suspect the seeds in this zone needed some more maturing time as David has observed.

The shrub grows rapidly, and robustly. The blooming period while only once takes from June to August here. Black spot is localized on the plant without much spread. Rust is a problem in spring. It has an abundance of tiny twiggy thorny growth. It is far more tender than I would like, dying to the ground if not wholly protected. The shiny holly type leaves, the fragrance, and the robustness make it desirable for breeding.

I don’t know its ploidy.

I made a limited number of crosses usong Litchkonigin Lucia as a seed parent. It seemed to accept pollen well and the seeds gave decent germination.

I don’t have much in the way of disease pressure, but all three of those plants grow fine for me. Leverkussen is quite pale for me, more an off white than yellow.

I know Ralph Moore was working with Rugelda for a time but then abandoned it. Apparently nothing commercial came of his efforts

Larry Lougheed got a show quality rose using L. Lucia for pollen.

I have used Rugelda now for two years and it seems to accept pollen from about everything, at least tetraploids. The diploid pollens formed small misshapen hips but I never got sprouts from the very few seeds it made. For a rugosa hybrid I’m convinced it has very little rugosa blood in it but it’s floiage is striking and it passes the leaf trait to about half the seedlings. Most of her seedlings bloom the second year and are double, pink rebloomers.

This year I have seeds sprouting from Rugelda x Dr. Eckener, another somewhat yellow rugosa hybrid. Dr. Eckener is another rugosa hybrid that behaves as if it is tetraploid and sets hips with most pollens, but this first year I have not yet had any sprouts from its seeds.

I think there are good babies waiting to be born from Rugelda.


Thank you everyone, for your comments. Looks like it will be Rugelda and Lichtkonigen Lucia. Brad