Heyas all. I know this is half way off topic but I was curious if anyone knew anywhere on the net for ploidy information on different species within the Rubus species. TIA


There’s some useful chromosome count information on certain species at the Tropicos site from the Missouri Botanical Garden (and actually, the genus Rosa happens to come up with the same search, so it’s not even terribly far off topic):


WHOA! Thank you so very much. Cant wait to show my friend this page. He plans on working with blueberries, honey suckles and the such. My secondary interest to breeding roses is Rubus since so many are native here in the PNW. Thanks again and sorry it wasnt 100% rose related as per the rules.


No problem, Rubus breeding is an interest of mine as well (Midwestern native species and garden hybrids). I’m sure lots of RHA members have mistress genera they like to play with on the side, and that site has a little something for everyone! I wish they had even more species in their data collection, but it’s always a good place to check.