Route 66 - Interesting parentage

Route 66 is a beautiful purple single that blooms in clusters. Here’s the parentage for those interested:

[(Sweet Chariot X Blue Nile) X Purple Splendor] X [(International Herald Tribune X Rosa soulieana derivative) X (Sweet Chariot X Blue Nile)]

Where did you find the parentage?

I wrote to the company.

‘Route 66’ was hybridized by Tom Carruth of Weeks Roses. He has many other seedlings having similar “bloodlines” that are absolutely gorgeous. My purple (Unnamed) seedling in the RHA Showcase came from one of Tom’s seedlings.

For anyone interested in purple shrubs, these lines are superb and many of the roses are quite fertile.

‘Purple Heart’ is another good one to try!


That is one gorgeous seedling, Jim. Does it flower like that continuously?