Rosy Vision

Can we presume this rose is fertile both ways & sets op hips?

Lydia S:

‘Rosy Vision’ does not set hips but does give a good amount of pollen. It has been crossed with line 05-01 (05-01 x ‘Rosy Vision’ - 25 crosses) and all took. This gave a total of 201 seeds or an average of 8.04 seeds per hip. I do not have any information on per cent germination as yet. This cross will probably give a pink but hopefully the hardiness of ‘Rosy Vision’ will be transferred to 05-01 which is already hardy above the snow line. Both have very good to excellent black spot resistance. Mildew is not a problem in this area.

Line 05-01 can be seen at if you wish. Click on the thumbnail and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this plant in full flower.

Lydia, the above is for your information only. ‘Rosy Vision’ was donated to the Canadian Rose Society and we are still three years away from releasing the first rose to the marketplace. No promotional intent is meant by the above.

All the very best!


NB: Lydia the same message was posted under the entry ‘Alexander Mackenzie’

Thanks Neville

It’s great to get such specific information. Getting fertile mothers is still the challenge for cool weather hybridizers.

Hi Lydia S:

Look in the Parkland series for a fertile mother. They are not as hardy as the Explorer series but hardiness can be increased in the progeny by selecting a hardy or even semi hardy male from another series. In a number of cases, the hardy effect will be additive.

If you are close to a Botanical or other garden why don’t you go and observe the Parkland roses for their hips or try and find photos of the hips for each Parkland rose on the web.

Further to my posting above, I went back to my notes and found that I got 17 seedlings with an 8.5 per cent germination rate. Generally I aim for 10 to 15 per cent. I usually make about 450 crosses to obtain a reasonably good plant, and some breeding stock.

Wishing you the very best.


Hi Neville

I do like the Parklands, particularly since some of the offspring are very full petalled.