Ross Rambler suckers

I have a plant from Joan M. that she identified as Ross Rambler. It has white flowers and is single. Produces fair amounts of pollen and get huge. It does repeat bloom fairly well.

Anyway, I also have a Polstjarnan which I planted way to close to Ross Rambler. Since Polstjarnan is of limited hybridizing use for me, I chose it as the one to cut back. It had gotten huge and I cut it back to the ground.

Once cut back, I was able to see the ground around Ross Rambler. THere are number of suckers poking up here and there and I am fairly confident that I could get several successful plants out of it.

Anyone interested in Ross Rambler suckers? How about Polstjarnan, I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I may try splitting it up and putting bits of it in pots to see if it survives. So, I may have some Polstjarnan plants available.

Let me know



Please email me direct regarding sending suckers to Canada. Thanks, Margit Schowalter