Ross Rambler#3 x Prairie Peace

This is my only survivor from two seedlings obtained from a 2015 cross. This first small white flower is 2 inches across and the plant is clearly a spinosissima type with its spiny stems and its small greyish foliage. I intend to add another dose of ‘Prairie Peace’ next year.
RR 3 x Prairie Peace 1565.JPG
RR 3 x Prairie Peace 1518.JPG
RR 3 x Prairie Peace 1591.JPG

That is a pretty seedling. I wouldn’t have expected a white blossom. Thanks for putting up the picture.

Cool cross. Very nice bloom and love the leaves as well.

Margit, I get many/most whites with this type of cross. Unfortunately most are not worth keeping. Johannes.

Those are attractive!

Thank you Margit!
My hope was to have at least, some little tints of yellow and a mix of his two parent’s foliage. But it seems that the influence of Ross Rambler and R. spinosissima altaica is more evident in this white flower. I think I will put Hazeldean next year, on this cross to bring more yellow, instead of Prairie Peace.

Thank you Rob and Kim!
I am happy with this result because I like spinosissima roses and white flowers. And who knows, maybe it will be remontant and/or it will become a rambler with the influence of his grand-parents!?

Johannes, thank you for your comment!
Can I ask you if it is more frequent when you cross rugosa hybrids with spinosissima hybrids or inversely?


I am using a seed of Margit that was suppose to be Rosa beggeriana. It out crossed to something else and gave me a funny little bush. For five years I have tried to breed the yellow of Hazeldean. 90 per cent are pure white/light yellow and BS prone. Last winter I lost the Rosa beggeriana hybrid -it was also perpetual blooming. I have about 15 seedlings that survived. I back crossed the best yellows with Hazeldean. I am really flying by the set of my pants.
If I fail I am going the Agnes route but with Hazeldean.

I see what you mean. I have some twenty seedlings of King J x J5, a cross made last year. Then I will probably have similar results like you. I will need to make some back crosses also. Thank you Johannes for this explanation and good luck with your breeding work. André.