Roses with velvety silky downy like stems like Linda Campbell...

There aren’t many roses with this, except for two that I know-- Linda Campbell and to some extent, Cinderella Gold. I love the feeling, and it is something I would love to breed in with thornless roses. Imagine this-- a thornless rose with very soft satin stems. Are there any other roses with this trait? I thought about getting Linda Campbell, but I really don’t want to tackle another “hard rose”. Are there other roses that are fertile and with this satin-stem trait?


What is the sterility with Linda Campbell?? We have a bush and were planning to use it but then we heard that it does not set hips. Have you heard this? How about the pollen – is it viable?


John, I have no idea about it. I just know I’ve been looking at it for hips without avail. I once thought I had a Linda Cambell, but it was rugosa with similar flowers to Linda Campbell. I haven’t tried the true Linda Campbell’s pollen.

Ive had Linda C for several years. It has never ever ever set OP hips. However, it is always loaded with pollen.

With no hips – will try it as a pollen parent! Hopefully the pollen has some oomph! Thanks, it will save a “wait and see year”.

Don’t expect any fertile pollen from ‘Linda Campbell’. Ralph abandoned any attempts to use this rose and instead chose to work with one of its siblings which sets seed easily. The sibling rose is very similar to ‘Linda Campbell’ in most every way but a smaller, more atriculated shrub with semi-double blooms. This is apparently not sold in the USA but may be available in Europe under the name of ‘Red Rugostar’.


Paul - thanks for the tip on the pollen. Won’t waste time with it.

Paul, thanks for the tip. I will shovel prune mine also. This gives me one more spot in the garden for a new rose.

Sure wish the new Pickering catalogue was out.