Roses with darker leaves

I was thinking about what would be an attractive goal to conceptualize if I was to use ‘James Mason’ in a breeding program, and I thought what would look good or showcase the bright coloring it could provide and also make the plant look good OUT of bloom. Immediately I thought of the lobelia hybrid ‘Queen Victoria’ and how striking it is (my aunt went into passionate gushing over it after the ones I planted in her garden started to bloom earlier this week) and it got me thinking - I don’t have any dark leaved roses to try to emulate that look…

Would crossing ‘James Mason’ with r. glauca might produce something of that nature? If so, I was wondering, is r. glauca healthy here in the Mid-Atlantic/can be grown no-spray? Are there any other good roses with darker or purple accented foliage/stems of particular mention? I recall ‘Indian Love Call’ has purple stems and later blushes purple, but I do not know its ploidy and its not really available anywhere is it?

Oh boy, so many ideas…my breeding pool is going to have to catch up to my brain one of these days!

Europeana is the star among this basic concept. It is part of the reason it became on of the most popular floribundas ever. The color, vigor and massive clusters helped as well. Unfortunately, its burgundy-tinted foliage also attracts mildew. It seems to be a common trend for mildew to happen to roses that do this. High Hopes has burgundy foliage that hardens to deep green. The stems are purple in the winter. However, this rose also attracts mildew.

Sp, please be mindful of this common patten when choosing parents, especially when you add in roses with good vigor. Excellent vigor + red new foliage = breeding ground for mildew.

Thanks for that insight Jadae. I love dark foliage, and it never occurred to me until I thought about it that I’d need to consider powdery mildew in regards to it. Any other dark leaved shrubs of considerable notice?

Also has anybody gotten any interesting combination with glauca when it with the moss (a la Henri Martin) or gallica clans? I’m not concerned with remonantcy right away but I’d love to see the possibility of getting rich colors from the gallicas ‘Tuscany Superb’/‘James Mason’ with dark foliage from glauca with perhaps a form that is in between.