Roses to share

I was sorting through flats of cuttings in the backyard today and have roses in mainly 4" pots to share. Some are Hansen roses from cuttings shared with me by Wendy Lawrenson, ‘Purezza’ from Roger Mitchell, and R15 from Peter Harris. Others are just seedlings and cuttings of roses I had around.

Here are some roses that could use homes. There are multiple cuttings to share of each. They have been outside all summer and are hardening off. Even though they are small, they should hopefully overwinter if you want to plant them now and not keep them growing under lights or in a greenhouse. Please Email me with what you would like in the order of most wanted to least wanted and I will try to do what I can to get you what you want most. Please Email me where you would like them shipped too and I’ll get them off in the next week or so. My Email is




A seedling of (George Vancouver x R. virginiana) x a 4x R. palustris


A mixoploid R. rugosa rubra -looks like Layers 1 and 2 are tetraploid and 3 is diploid. 2 is where the sex cells come from so hopefully it will be stably tetraploid in layer 2 and be useful for breeding at the 4x level.

A thornless, zone 4 hardy, multiflora hybrid between Dr. Bucks IT9 and IT18 rootstock releases

Max Graf

A diploid seedling of Max Graf x a polyantha- it is double and magenta

Astrid Lindgren

Pax Apollo

Zitkala (another Hansen hybrid)

Marjorie Fair

A healthy lightly stippled R. arkansana op seedling with purple filaments

Peter Harris’ R15 (yellow hardy rose from a cross of ‘Golden Showers’ x ‘Hazeldean’)

I would gladly trade Peter’s R15. I have R. kordesii beginning to root in a soda bottle if that interests you.

I also have an OP seedling of Crested Jewel that doesn’t have a crest but it’s pretty on its own.

I have a Tigris which I’ve finally decided to forgo because I wasn’t successful with my Mutabilis crossing. (I’ve decided to use only Persian Autumn instead.)