Roses for Florida and Zones 9-11

Hi. I have been wondering if any hybridizers out there are working on roses suitable for growing in Florida on their own roots? Currently, this is possible in some Florida locations with more clay in the soil. However, most of us with hot, sandy, nematode-infested soil are limited to growing modern roses on fortuniana rootstock. (Proper soil amendments do help.) Select chinas, teas, and polyanthas seem to do OK own-root, even in south Florida. And of course, fortuniana itself seems unstoppable. So, will you please develop some pretty own-root shrubs for us? US zones 8-11 will thank you, as will tropical areas around the world. I will appreciate any feedback on this!

Thanks -

Barbara Moore

Hi Barbara, there are several of us working on roses for warm climates. I live in the Palm Springs area and grow ‘Lorraine Lee’ and ‘Sunny South’ as well as gigantea. You should really be in touch with John Starnes as he has made and is involved with making a study of the old roses that do well there. He’s also involved in breeding own-root varietes for your climate. Send me a note and I’ll forward it to him unless he picks up this thread sooner. Thanks, Robert