Rose that likes shade

I have a lovely rose that has been thriving under a large maple tree for the last thirteen years & probably much longer, and which has now established under the lilac bushes where it gets very little sun. It is very healthy–I have never seen any disease or pest although other roses in the yard have had blackspot etc. I have never done a thing to it, never watered or pruned. It has upright canes about 4-5 feet, small thorns, beautiful fully double medium to dark pink 2-3 inch flowers in clusters. Blooms profusely. Reminds me of our wild roses except for the flower form. Its only flaw from my point of view is that it blooms for only 1-2 weeks in May then is done. Seems from what I read that its tolerance of dry shade is quite unusual. I am not a hybridizer, barely keep my other roses going (so I love this rose) but was hoping that someone out there might know what this rose is. I’m in Columbus Ohio-- this rose has survived -25 degrees without any attention.

Sounds like Dorothy Perkins or one of its relatives. It does get powdery mildew.

It could be Rosa Virginiana Plena. It is very shade tolerant. You would know by the fall colors. The leaves turn a brilliant red.

One of my hybrids, rugosa magnificaXBaron Girod d’la’Ain, likes partial shade. I have distibuted cuttings to friends and family in other parts of the country. some where planted in full sun and others in part shade. the ones in the sun did not develop the really nice color that shaded ones did.

I wonder if it could be De la Grifferaie, a rose that i believe was used as a root stock.


Thank you for the replies. It does resemble the Dorothy Perkins, but more the De la Grifferaie. I can’t really see the plant forms in the photos-- my rose is a suckering sort with many single 4-8 foot canes from the ground rather than a branching plant. The blossom when fully open is about 3 inches across and resembles a shallow flat bowl overall although with small petals in the center. The leaves do not turn red in the fall and the hips are unremarkable. I have lots of shade in my yard & wonder if this rose has relatives that will do as well but bloom longer. I will watch for mildew; the volunteer in the lilacs should get it if susceptible. My neighbor down the street calls it a cabbage rose but it not the same as the rose that my grandmother called cabbage. I thank you for your interest!