Rose Shading Devices

I am looking for different ways to shade my HT blooms. I have used 1 gal milk jugs w/ the bottom cut out, but in heavy winds, the bloom gets battered from the swaying milk jug. I think I would be better served by a flat panel on a stick, that would rest above the rose. Has anyone fabricated and used such a system? Thanks!

We punch a small hole or cut an “x” in the handle of the milk jug and then push a round green plastic stake (like the ones you get at Lowes or Home Depot) through it and then push the stake in the ground. If the hole is tight enough, the milk jug doesn’t move very much. We use the bigger diameter, taller ones mostly, but have an assortment of different sizes for different height roses.

Are you shading them for a rose show?

People used to shade with an aluminum pie pan or a square of sheet metal, but I have never seen anyone in our area do this. It seems like this would be difficult to use in windy conditions also.

Glen, you might post your query to Rosarian’s Corner. There are those there more involved with rose exhibiting.

They might have some better answers for you.

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I am using them in advance of rose shows.

I will try the Rosarian’s Corner.