Rose seeds for sale this spring at a box store!

The past couple years this product was for sale at a regional home improvement box store. In past years they had ‘Angel Rose’ polyantha seeds in them, which was nice and probably would germinate okay for people (about 25 seeds or so in the packet). This year I thought I’d buy one and when I got it home was surprised to find they had R. rugosa seed inside that was grown in Holland. The seeds do seem like they are R. rugosa looking at them. I have had to stratify rugosas for a long period of time to get them to germinate in the past and in a study years back I found drying them reduced viability quite a bit compared to keeping them moist. Anyways, I planted them and will see what happens. I wonder if ‘Angel Rose’ polys weren’t available this year and they were able to just get rugosa seed from somewhere and put at least some rose seed in their mini rose packaging. People may be disappointed that the roses won’t likely bloom right away or likely be too miniature later. Anyways, it’s fun to see rose seed for sale and hopefully they can grow and make people happy. I am excited for the bareroot roses to come into our local stores here soon. It has been fun to see photos on FB of folks in other areas sharing photos of them. I have hard time taking care of all the roses I have now, but it is fun to buy more. :0)

That’s definitely interesting, and unusual to find with R. rugosa seeds inside. It would be disappointing if the results don’t match the expectations. The cynic in me wonders if they’re banking on none of the seeds germinating, so no one will find out that they aren’t actually miniature…


If not none germinating I’d hazard a guess they are thinking none of them will survive…lack of drainage holes, people like to over water.

FWIW, I have had high germinations from rugosas (dried in hip) that were several years old. (I soaked the hips, in entirety, in very dilute peracetic acid solution with excess hydrogen peroxide, prior to extraction, s as to soften them adequately.)

Found them today at Dollar General for $4.