Rose Rosette Disease

Rose Rosette Disease is beginning a foothold. I had 3 plants returned to my nursery, which had rose rosette. What species of rose is not susceptable? I would appreciate any correspondence on the matter.

R. setigera is said to be resistant to rose rosette. Perhaps some of R. setigera’s descendants inherited the resistance. American Pillar and Baltimore Belle are two of its best known descendants.

American Pillar does contract Rose Rosette. I’ve seen pictures of RRD on American Pillar in Alabama and Georgia.

Wade, if you haven’t seen my e-book, you may find the FAQ section of the ebook interesting, as well as the photos.

There is a setigera near Chicago that has some symptoms that may be RRD, but it hasn’t been graft transmitted to multiflora yet.

Another way to look is to go to R. bracteata (on whose leaves the vector mites are ‘unhappy’ and from which they leave the plant) and from there…maybe the Ralph Moore Hybrids, although the leaves of the RM hybrids aren’t that similar to the species.