Rose Parade

I saw it for sale locally. I am fascinated with the old-style floribundas. Has anyone used it before? It seems relatively healthy with a good seed parent track record, but I have no clue for sure. The reason I am interested is that I want a bridge to get Geoff Hamilton into floribundas (it doesnt set seed), and this rose looks ideal for fragrance and form.

It does set a lot of hips in my garden. I never tried to cross it with anything, but the amount of hips is impressive. Also OP seeds germinate easily. It is less resistant to BS then New Dawn. Great repeat and vigor. Good rose by all means, but will get BS here.


Thanks for the info! I think I will pick it up for 7 bucks and take a gamble with it.

I remember it. I never cared for it much but then that was a long time ago. I didn’t think about it in terms of hybridizing.

It might have something to offer but a pink floribunda would have to be pretty special to get my attention these days.

I have used it yesterday and crossed it with Aloha.

Both have fragrance and an old fashioned form… so I hope to raise something nice looking.

Hi Robert. I actually thought of you when I was looking at it, “What would Robert think?” Cause Im pretty sure it was a popular rose in Cali at one time. Enrique hit it on the head as to why I would use it – that and it seemed compact, and the architecture seemed like a true floribunda. Some of today’s popular floribundas are just too big for my tastes! Iceberg is probably the most notorious.

Jadae, my responce was for climber Parade, not floribunda. The one which has New Dawn as a parent. Sorry about confusion.


It is compact. I sold ‘Parade’ back when I was a garden center manager in the late 70’s. We had some old 5 gallons left over that hung around for a time. ‘Parade’ was an ARS winner in 75.

The architecture is good but then many more modern roses have good architecture.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to look to the past once in awhile. I’d study how it performs for you.

Better yet it would be good to find out how it performs in the East. It doesn’t seem many folks grow it any more. I sort of surprised you found one.

Yeah, this is ‘Rose Parade’ and not ‘Parade’ :slight_smile:

I meant ‘Rose Parade’, sorry.

Ah, okay. Yeah, I am surprised I found it, too. And for 7 bucks, it is worth studying. I can always shovel prune or give it away :slight_smile:

I have Anne Hatheway, which is similar, but no fragrance :frowning:

Due to the amount of orange and yellow tones I use, I usually only get sweet and fruit scents, which I prefer personally, but I cant think of only myself :slight_smile:

Tropical blends tend to smell reallllly fruity lol.

Soooo…what exactly are you looking for, Jadae? A good pink floribunda with fragrance? Or are you aiming for a particular kind of fragrance? Somthing to be…well…“compatible” with Geoff Hamiltion’s form and fragrance?

I know you happened to come across this Rose Parade specifically…but just trying to understand why that rose as opposed to any other pink floribunda.

I want: compact, more than semi-double blooms, very fragrant and floribunda or shrublet. My goal for such a thing would be to introduce more and new scents into these types of roses. Imagine – compact in the garden, and cuttable/sniffable for the table. The problem with Romanticas is that theyre gaudy. The problem with English roses is that they eat your yard and leave a mess everywhere. But, for example, I can cut a stem of Ebb Tide, set it on the table, and it’d be perfect and smell up the kitchen nicely for a week. Or, if it is August, I can mix it with some oriental lilies on the table for a strong, intoxicating scent :slight_smile:

Pretty Lady would be perfect if A) it was fragrant and B) it was a good seed parent, which it is not. Ive wanted to try Geoff Hamiton x Pretty Lady or vice versa but they both abort heavily. I bought Jubilee Celebration this year, so I may try it with floribundas. Jude the Obscure, unfortunately, produces semi-doubles. It’d be a good cross with hulthemias lol.

I did get some seedlings to germinate from Escapade x Scentimental, so that is a start.

Roses like Honey Perfume or Singin in the Rain, while scented, are way too HT for what I want. I want true clusters, not candelabras with floribunda-sized blooms. That is one reason going older can have an advantage – less HT influence. However, disease wasnt as in check back then, which is my main concern with Rose Parade.

It was finally warm today, so I checked on it again since I could actually smell it now. It was strong, yes, but plain ol’ sweet scented. So, I passed. I am interested in more diverse scents than that.

So, I guess Im still stuck with Midnight Blue fitting my criteria. Ebb Tide is the perfect canidate, really, but the bloom density makes for a horrible seed and pollen parent :frowning:

Although I open to anyone’s advice :slight_smile:

Okay I flip-flopped and bought it lol. I’ll be sure to report how it does as a parent…

I may have a couple of seedlings that fit your description with scent that is not the “usual” sweet scent (I have several that smell like lilies). I’ll have to wait until they come in to bloom again this spring to get a better idea of which ones are which fragrance wise(most of my seedlings are fragrant, since that is one of my primary goals…actually my main goals are pretty close to yours, although I tend actually like HT exhibition form). I have a definite “shrublet” Moonstone x Kaleidescope seedling that is about the size of Kaleidescope in bloom, plant and foliage…but has fragrant ivory blooms that are non-HT form (like Kaleidoscope but with more petals). I’d be willing to send you one of my seedlings for you to try, if you are interested…the tradeoff is that I can’t guarantee it is disease resistant there…BUT, it would be one that has proven to be disease resistant here. No need to feel pressured to make a decision now, or if you just aren’t interested. I still need to verify which ones have what scent. But I’ll make sure to make note of the fragrances when I post updated photos on RC later this spring.

I have a couple of seedlings that I am looking to get into other folks’ hands across the country. But, I am going to be very particular about which seedlings go where and to whom. Some are slightly off the main track of my breeding (I have a few exhibition style that I need exhibitors to test in addition to low maintenance growers)…and then others need to go to folks I know absolutely won’t spray and provide too much fussing, AND actually have the experience to give me honest feedback. SunQueen did that for my ‘Splendid!’ seedling. I’ll probably start reaching out to specific people later this summer.

Anyway…no pressure…just thought I would offer. Think about it and let me know later on.

Try St. Cecilia. It has a very different sweet but non-rosy smell.