Rose Oil

Today begins the Rose Festival in Kazanlak Blugaria known for the Kazanlashka Roza that is used in rose oil production and an attractive rose. It would be very interesting to use for scent.


Lori, I tried using it in crosses a few years back. It is quite a wild grower and thorny. These traits are strongly passed along to seedlings. Also, they do not bloom in the first year. I gave up on that line because it seemed like too much work, since there were already fragrant repeat blooming roses that I could work with.

This kind of project might take 10 years to get repeat blooming fragrant roses with that particular fragrance - certainly a worthwhile goal, but a big commitment.

Jim Sproul

I too tried it, and got seedlings of it with Secret as the pod parent.

None of them germinated.

But “wild” is truly an understatment.

I would LOVE to rework with this rose, but it was just simply too big in my garden. Or at least at its old spot. Only way I could grow that is to eliminate Mermaid from it’s corner, and I’ve grown to love Mermaid for making that dingy grey corner into a lush green background that reminds me of bananas growing in the tropics.

Maybe in the future… when I have bought my own land.

That’s really interesting that you both were able to work with this rose. I figured that it was unavailable. Thanks for the description. The pictures shown make it look pretty tame.