Rose Names

Hi all. I am very interested in the stories behind the names of various roses. Is there a book available that will give the name of a rose and then tell the how and why a rose got the name that it did? Even if there is no such book, and some of you would be so kind as to tell me the stories that go with the naming of some roses that you know the story of, that would be great! I find this topic very interesting. I have grown roses for many years but do not know many of the stories behind the various names. Thanks for you help! :astonished:)

Dear Stan,

I have read many people quoting a book called, “I Name This Rose”, but I don’t know where to get it. Also, if you look on the internet at HelpMeFindRoses you will often find many references explaining the name of a particular rose. Alex Sutton is the person who put the site together and updates it often. You might write to her (through the site) and ask where to get this book or others which explain names.

Linda Sun

Thanks Linda. I will check out those leads. I know Alex. I have some of my roses pictures on that site too.