Rose Hybridizing (especially species-crosses)

For rose hybridizers (new or veteran) looking for “food-for-thought”, especially concerning species-crosses …

I’ve moved most of my [amateur] webpage to a new host and added a little more content. I’ve got a few new hybrids and a few of the older hybrids have bloomed since I first wrote about them.

Hope you enjoy.



That is a great web page. Your work with species roses is fascinating and helpful! Thanks for sharing.

And thank you Shane.

I’m glad that you found it fascinating and helpful. I was hoping that my enthusiasm for species crosses might be a little infectious and encourage more people to work with them. I was also hoping to help them to avoid some of the blind alleys – for instance rugosa X eglanteria; that’ll be one of the last on my list, of crosses to try again.

Oh and to “plug” for the RHA… if you’re a member, you’ll get the article I wrote for the upcoming issue of the newsletter. It’s about which species combinations I’ve found to be most effective. If you’re not a member, you should consider joining – the newsletter alone is worth the small dues.

So, what species are you working with already or considering working with?

Take care, Tom

Tom, You may want to discuss all the pop-ups with your new host.

Tom, I love the look of your “Rosa multiflora X rugosa” hybrid. That definitely looks like something to carry forward - excellent!

Jim Sproul