Rose Fongus

I have 26 rose bushes and there are 2 that always get fongus, I tried everything there is in the market/home depot and nothing works.

any ideas? are there any rose experts that can help me? I love roses and I love to take care of them but these two little guys keep getting sick and it breaks my heart to see them sick

please help me



For the good of your healthy 24 rose bushes, dig up the two sickly ones, and either plant them in another part of your garden or put them in large pots for special care-which could include more sunlight, more airflow, more water and/or fertilizer.

Twenty four healthy roses don’t need the continued exposure to less than healthy roses.

You wouldn’t sit where eight people in back of your were coughing and sneezing. Your roses can’t move themselves so it’s up to you.

Hi Oscar,

Rosarian’s Corner may help you better. This is a rose hybridizers site. But since we’re here, what are the names of the 2 sickly roses? I’d probably remove them, or move them, too. There is little point fighting an uphill battle when you can simply grow a variety better suited to your local area :slight_smile: