Rose Dieback

Why would roses that seemed healthy all winter suddenly

dieback as spring arrives? One (Marco Polo) I had pruned

recently and it seemed fine, but now 2 out 3 canes seem

dead and the other doesn’t seem particularly healthy

looking. The other was Paul Neyron, and it seems to have

died back to the ground just recently as well (I plant my

bud union 1 - 2" below the surface, so I have some hope of

recovery). Could it be because it’s been overwet here for

a while? Temperatures have been quite mild for most of

this month.

Chris Mauchline

SE PA, zone 6b

Hello Chris,

I experience this problem every year. I have often dead canes to remove as late as in April.

I believe this to be caused by night frosts followed by mild days. This succession of frost-defrost breaks the cells.It can happen from January up to now!

It seems frequent in climates such ours here in Belgium, extremely versatile. Right now we have 22