Rose Centers In France

My wife and I are taking a group of students to France for a semester. I would like to meet with some rose breeders there but have no idea who they might be. If anyone can advise me, I will be most grateful.


Hi Paul

Meet some french rose breeders?

Meilland’s large breeding operations are located at Le Cannet des Maures, Var, southern France. Contact them first asking for the breeding team (not the commercial one!).

Delbard follows whose breeders are either at Malicorne, Allier center Fr or at Hyeres, Var. A much smaller team.

Dorieux is another one.42840 Montagny

Probably more interesting as they are coming up are:

Massad that breeds Guillot vars close to Marseille south Fr or may be now more or less partly at Guillot’s.

And Adam: Les P

Thank you!