Rosarium Utersen?

Has anyone worked with this one? Im thinking of switching from using Dortmund to RU since the foliage is thicker, their are more petals and the leaves are even more intricate than other kordesii types. HMF shows no offspring so Im wondering if I’d be wasting my time. I wrote down Sexy Rexy x Rosarium Utersen on my pre-emptive 2005 crosses plan list. Think that would be a doable route?

I vaguely remember a RU plant at the MN Landscape arboretum a few years ago and thought it produced hips well. It hasn’t been there for a couple years now, so probably wasn’t hardy enough without protection here in zone 4.

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P.S. What other Kordesii hybrids are you working with? I used to have ‘Illusion’ and really liked it- quartered, kind of cupped and a nice clear red.

My kordesii relations usable are Dortmund, Rosarium Utersen, Sympathie at friends is available (gave it away as gift), Dortmund x Circus and Shadow Dancer. Im zone 8 so I usually dont grow plants that could easily become monsters unless I keep them in a large pot.

I never noted hips on RU because the books warn of poor rebloom without dead heading on that one. Thanks for your input btw.

I have no clue about germination, etc, but I did see quite a few hips on a beautiful Rosarium Utersen in Philadelphia. It may be worth a shot.

jadae, are you using Dortmund as a seed or pollen parent? I used it this year as a seed parent with minimal success, but the plant is only a year old. I am wondering if it gets better with age.

Dortmund sets and germinates with ease for me. It was a bit of a slow starter for me, too, but then it takes off.

Good to hear. You just saved a rose’s life =).

Thanks jadae!

Awesome lol. It will get big, though! It is one of the most pliable modern climbers that I know of due to the long canes that are somewhat thin (and big thorns that hurt). It blooms its individual clusters (which can get large) all at once so be prepared for that. It isnt like a floribunda where it takes its sweet time and they’ll wait for ya.

My open pollinated Dortmund seedlings were very similar to Dortmund. One I especially like has single flowers with more of a purple color. Even in crosses the Dortmund characteristics appeared dominant (so far).

I think that I have/had Rosarium Utersen, but I am not positive as my records are a mess (sometimes I will just get hips/pollen from a public garden). With a 1000 roses and an old mind, it is hard to keep track of everything.

No worries Henry. Im young and already flighty :slight_smile: The Dortmund x Circus seedling looks just like Dortmund as well but with a twist (and hence why I kept it). It is a mere 3’ x 3’ shrublet with kordesii foliage that is thicker than Dortmunds (feels like plastic to me). The blooms are similar but a few shades brighter. The thorns are similar but the stem color is reddish instead of the paleness of Dortmund. Ive tried to get it to breed and it sets a zillion hips but they wont germinate. This summer Im going to try it as a pollen parent on Gemini, Cherry Meililand and Bukavu instead.