Rosa sempervirens

What is the ploidy of thise rose? I am guessing its a diploid but wanted to make sure. One of its offspring, Bonica seems to be pretty hardy and is a wonderful looking rose.

I have 4 seedlings of this rose now growing and wondering where I might find a place for it in hybridizing.

Anyone know how winter hardy it is? I have read that it is not hardy. A David Austin quote staes that the rose is not hardy but its offspring are. Interesting.

MR 11 says that R. sempervirens can be diploid, triploid, or tetraploid.

This species is native here southern France.

From its large natural range one may assume it is hardy to not less than -15

I like the hybrids Ive seen in books. Havent seen on in person yet.

I think I might try to cross it with r. blanda to see what happens. Maybe r. hugonis and most definetly r. acicularis.

Finally starting to get several germinations from more of the species roses I ordered from Chiltern. r. holodonta (a pink moyesii), r. rubignosa and r. xanthina seeds are just starting to germinate.