Rosa sancta

Among our newly acquired roses is Rosa sancta from Pickering.

It seems to be a prolific once bloomer, may be a slight fall repeat bloomer according to someone in British Colombia, and healthy beyond belief for a rose that seems to be a ground hugging rose.

Our species garden, where it is starring, is the middle of a hay field and could be thrip city, but the petals seem strong enough to withstand thrip attacks without distortion.

And I can find no info on help me find about its ever having produced any offspring.

Has anyone tried this one?

It is a triploid that occasionally produces OP hips. I once tried to grow a few of the seeds, but none germinated. I haven’t tried hybridizing with it, but think that it is worth a try.

I’ve had a couple of seedlings from op hips, and I presently have one seedling with R. X richardii as the pollen parent which may flower this season. More hips set on plants in shade. Rosa X richardii is surprisingly shade tolerant.

Thank you, Fred. Ours is in full sun, and unlikely to have shade producing neighbors, so …I’ll go down and see if it’s showing any tendency to tip root as it would be really well sited under my HMusks. (Thank you Jim)

Sancta has been my most pleasant new rose this spring.