Rosa rugosa X Hazeldean

We’ve had almost continuous rains for about a week now, so I didn’t get a good picture of the first bloom. I didn’t even get to see it open before it started dropping petals. There are a few more buds yet to open - I’ll try to get better pictures of one of these. If anyone really wants to see the pictures of unopened bud or fallen petals just e-mail me off-forum and I can e-mail them to you.

I’ve only got one seedling from this cross, which certainly deserves to be repeated. This seedling is a blend of very pale yellow (lighter than a post-it-note) and very pale pink. [In otherwords, it’s just about white ;0) ]

The fact that there’s any yellow at all, is encouraging enough for me to repeat the cross. Obviously, I don’t have any idea what ploidy or fertility, this hybrid might have - with rugosa being diploid and Hazeldean recently reported to be triploid.

Wow, what a great cross!! Good point about variable ploidy. It was fun to learn ‘Topaz Jewel’ is diploid (cross of triploid yellow mini and diploid rugosa). Hopefully some of your hybrids, whatever their ploidy level(s), will have some good fertility to take this likely very hardy yellow line further.

That IS a remarkable cross Tom. You have just reason to be proud. I can think of a myriad of ways to utilize your new creation.

I’m sure you can as well!!

I’d love to see some pics if you care to forward.

Thanks, Robert

Thanks guys, I’ve e-mailed those poor pictures of the hybrid to you, for what they’re worth.

And I’m actually not expecting much (if any) fertility.

Similar hybrids (rugosa X xanthina, and rugosa x spinosissima) have been totally unproductive for me so far.

Although to be fair, I haven’t tried either of these two hybrids much at all as pollen parents. I guess I’m going to need to work on that.

Thanks again, Tom

Great work Tom. Hope they are fertile for you.