Rosa rugosa X carolina

I had previously mentioned a few seedlings I had growing of Rosa rugosa X carolina. I’ve read of Rosa rugosa X arkansana hybrids which are non-repeat blooming, in spite of having two repeat-blooming parents. Because of that, I had assumed that the rugosa X carolina hybrids were non-remontant also, since none had bloomed at all during their first season. (And ‘Fragrant Cloud’ X carolina hybrids haven’t bloomed at all yet either, and are much larger). Well, I made the claim too soon. The seedlings were still relatively small. To my (happy) surprise, the largest seedling has recently sent up an extremely healthy cane and lo and behold…guess what it’s terminating with…that’s right…a flower bud. This habit is typical of the repeat flowering of its carolina parent. The repeat occurs on the terminal portions of new canes. As a bonus the gland hairs on the outside of the bud have the sweeter scent of the carolina rather than the “old grease” smell of the rugosa gland hairs. It just goes to show…you never really know what to expect.



Congratulations on your successful seedling. What are the flowers like? We’re looking at a triploid here, right?



Thanks. I’m assuming that they’re triploid. If all goes well, I’ll get to see the first flower very soon. Stay tuned, I’ll try to get a digital shot of it to post.