Rosa rugosa 'Salmon Pink'?

I found this rose in a book that has a lovely picture of this rose. Shozo Suzuki was the technical writer and I found some info about this plant on the internet but not if it has survived his death. I tryed contacting the nursery that he worked at in Japan but no response. The flower is light but still distinctly salmon. For yellow breeders this maybe of interest.

‘Salmon Pink’ would be a valuable addition to the gene pool of cultivated roses because the color is due to the rare pigment (cyanin 3-sophoroside) also found in R. moyesii ‘Geranium’.

Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 28: 887-902 (2000)
Anthocyanins in flowers of genus Rosa, sections Cinnamomeae (=Rosa), Chinenses, Gallicanae and some modern garden roses
Mikanagi, Saito, Yokoi, Tatsuzawa

“Cy 3-sophoroside was detected in large amount in some taxa of section Cinnamomeae: e.g., R. moyesii and its related cultivars, and R. rugosa cv. Salmon Pink.”

12yrs later!!! I skimmed through the paper but will, with a non tired state of mind, I will read. Thank you much Johannes.1

Now and again I search for ‘Salmon Pink’, hoping to locate a source. So far, no luck. I guess we’re stuck with R. moyesii ‘Geranium’ if we want the blood-red cyanin sophoroside.

Karl you have given false hope! I fear that the plant is lost.’ Johannes perhaps it will surface but want now!

hi there is a pict for the rose in mille rose by Orietta sala

I would like to see a picture of ‘Salmon Pink’. I would love to get seeds.

It would be interesting to see the range of colors that could result from sophorosides of the other two anthocyanin pigments found in roses, pelargonin and peonin. For example, ‘Hansa’ is colored almost entirely by peonidin glucosides. Triacylated peonidin 3-sophoroside-5-glucosides are present in the purple flowers of Moricandia ramburii Webb. Pelargonidin sophorosides are also known.

Such pigments are found in other plants.

Sophorose is a disaccharide.

Hi Karl,
A search for “Pink Salmon” on HMF netted no results. Is this rose listed under another name?
Can you please give a better description and post a few pictures?
Thank you.

I know it’s a stretch, but could Shozo and Seizo Suzuki either be the same person or related? And, there is gentleman on Face Book from Japan who is VERY involved in roses and works for a large Japanese nursery. Are you on Face Book? Perhaps he may either have information or be able to find it out? I will messenger him there and link back to this thread to see if he might have some information.

John, is this the book in which you found the information about Salmon Pink?
salmon pink rugosa.jpg
salmon pink rugosa page.jpg
I messaged Iritani and he sent back these two images with “I think this rose.species in Japan Hokkaido.” I am attempting to see if he can find more information, such as whether it is available now or known to exist somewhere.

So far, it appears the two Mr. Suzukis were the same gentleman. Iritani has messaged me the salmon pink rugosa was discovered “in the wild”. Mr. Suzuki was a co founder of Keisei Nursery, for whom Iritani works. It grows in the Keisei Nursery garden and yes, he is willing to send seeds. I am attempting to figure out whether I should remind him later or if will remember. I guess it would be a good time for you to investigate what’s necessary to import rose seeds from Japan, Karl. Iritani just wrote they should be available in August.

I will check about phyto san cert. to Canada. Seeds are rarely a problem. I do not know much about Japanese culture. I would assume it is just a simple reminder would be the easiest. It is the same picture only text in english. Thanks a lot Kim this 14 years in this search. I really hope this can help us! Johannes

You’re welcome, Johannes. I hope it helps. I don’t know how many he will be able to send nor whether they will result in anything different from what is currently available, but it should be fun!


Karl - phyto san isn’t required for US seed import. Look at small lot seed permits - they’re free.

Iritani just sent me seed!
The price? About 300$ for a translator and shipping and a half year of my life My Japanese family recommend it. It did make it easier that all protocol was followed. He did not have seed and nether did the nursery. He had to make abit of a search to find a grower.
I will grow out the seed and then see if the pigment is expressed before I pass it around. Johannes

Wonderful! Congratulations!

I have recieved the roses in good condition. Now I can only hope. J