Rosa rubiginosa x Harrison's Yellow

I love the scented foliage on my Rosa rubiginosa. For a long time I did not know where that wonderful green apple scent that wafted across my garden was coming from! It is a monster. Just about have to prune it with a chain saw.

Last spring I was using Harrison’s yellow pollen on just about everything I had available, including the monstrous Rosa rubiginosa.
Now I have the first of Rosa rubiginosa x Harrison’s Yellow seedlings emerging. Further research has lead me to understand that there are issues to be expected with a cross of this kind, because of the quirks of a Canina type rose.

Even after reading, I am still a bit confused. Should these seedlings just be discarded? They will be just like “mom?”

Thank you so much,

Lord Penzance (the rose, not the breeder) was created from the same cross and it’s been sold for over a hundred years. See 'Lord Penzance' Rose


I lOVE rosa rubiginosa.
The seedlings will have many of mom’s characteristics but since Harrison’s Yellow is quite a special rose as well, the seedlings might turn out to have some special flowers. They will though, only flower once a year.

They’ll typically resemble the mother plant just because there’s more DNA inherited from the mom (4 sets from the mom vs 2 sets from the father) due to their quirks.

There’ll be differences but they may not be obvious until they flower in your case, yellow or double flowers. Flowering will probably take 3 years.

I’ve grown out a lot of seedlings from Lord Penzance (mentioned above) and from seed collected from feral rubiginosa, every seedling looks extremely similar. Every now and then a seedling using more modern (or larger leaved OGR) pollen you get something that’s pretty obvious (because it has modern thorns, modernish foliage, leaflets that are over double the size, etc) but they aren’t the norm.

Thank you all for you input. It is very helpful. If they survive the seedling stage, I will likely try to find space for them at least until they bloom. Harrison’s Yellow is just a special rose to me (for sentimental reasons, takes me back to my childhood), and I love any yellow rose. Once again, many thanks! Tom

If you can get Rosa glutinosa, I would recommend it. Although the scent is pine and not apple. However, its a semi-dwarf non-climber that is possibly even hardier.

Summer Wind has light apple scented foliage and repeats perpetually. Modern hybrids (with basic floris) of it do not have scented foliage.

Rosa primula has …cedar??? …idk how to describe it… scented foliage, but its probably the pickiest breeder I’ve ever encountered.

I could cross my Glutinosa hybrid onto Summer Wind this year to see what sort of foliage scent is derived, but I need more single-petaled roses like I need a hole in my head. Maybe I will try that out in one more generation with a double and then try to remember to report it.

Edit: I forgot to mention Scarlet Moss has pine-scented foliage. The foliage is like sandpaper, and then sun warms up the scent. If you need something small, this is possibly a viable choice for a scented foliage breeder with scented species hybrids. If I still had it, I would try it on Summer Wind as a test.

Thanks for the heads up on Rosa glutinosa. I was not familiar with that one. I notice, too, that a 100 year old plus “found” rose that I have (I believe it is Apothecary) has a very nice pine/cedar scent if you brush the unopened buds or new growth.