rosa poteniafolia

I was visiting a nursery in West Virgnia today, and found a simply manificent species rose – the label said Rosa poteniafolia (or maybe it ws poteriafolia – I wrote it down in a hurry and can’t quite make out my own handwriting there) and it is simply a marvelous little really true ground cover rose, forming a great mass of itself trailing all over, very small, very glossy leaves, with little pure white and nicely fragrant flowers. I didn’t buy it (I am currently completely without a space for it) but it is wonderfully interesting. The folks at the nursery said it is very hardy. But I can’t find it anywhere on the web. Has anyone heard of it? Or know its ploidy by any chance?


I have it (R. wichuraiana poterifolia, do a Google search for “wichuraiana poterifolia”, for some reason our site will nor accept the link). I do not remember any crosses that I have made with it. No freeze back in zone 5 northern Ohio, no disease either. I use it as a ground cover.

I have it too, and it roots very easily. I got some cuttings, and left them in water on day. I had a huge emergency at that time which required me to leave to Mexico City for two weeks. I simply forgot about those cuttings even when I returned home. I think they were in the jar of water for a month. While cleaning up, I found the jar with the cuttings at the same spot. Not only the cuttings looked healthy, a few of them rooted. Got it planted out side, and I did get a few hips from it with the pollen of R. foliolosa this year.

Henry, how did you try to post the link? Here it is:


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Is this the species name for the ‘Temple Bells’ that has been used to produce the groundcovers like ‘Carpet of Snow’? Or am I on a wrong track?


Temple Bells is reported to be a hybrid of R. wichuraiana (poterifolia is not specified) X a miniature which is a hybrid of a mini and a polyantha. So it’s related but not the same thing if the announced parentage is correct.


Could you share the name of the nursery as I couldn’t find a West Virginia nursery in Combined Rose List under R. wichuriana poterifolia.

I’ve heard of a nursery in the northern part of WVA, but couldn’t search it down and eventually misplaced the name.



It is Terra Salis, in Charleston. Really very well worth visiting – a very cool selection of plants and has extremely impressive display gardens.


I have a plant of R. wichuraiana poterifolia - I got mine from ‘Forest Farm’. So far, I’ve only used it for one cross, because I have it planted so far away from home. I used its pollen on the single-flowered form of R. moschata. None of the five offspring have bloomed yet. I have them planted in a very shady location. It seems that three of them are very susceptible to mildew; but, the other two are extremely healthy. In R. wichuraiana fashion, they’ve sent out long, vine-y canes – to five or six feet long, but thin as a pencil. I’m hoping these guys will be fertile; I’d love to see if the moschata type of reblooming occurrs on any of the F2.

What is the origin of this rose? Is it a better seed or pollen parent? What is its max hardiness? Thanks for your assistance.

It’s fertile, but my plant is still new. I seen hips containing one seed only…