Rosa pomifera

Is someone working with this species? I’ve had difficulty using it as a pollen parent on non-Caninae section roses (I actually only tried its pollen on R. eglanteria with success). I like the velvety fragrant foliage and its cane hardiness. It seems to not be as full and vigorous as some other species, but the fragrant foliage and shade tolerance is sure nice as well as it blooming so early. I have what seems to be a few true crosses with polyanthas (still looks primarily like R. pomifera) with R. pomifera as the female. They have been almost sterile though. I’d love to learn if others have had success with this species. Wouldn’t it be nice to have its fragrant foliage combined with repeat bloom? David

I have used it both ways (use your browzers find command to find recent examples): .

Later this summer, I may be able to say more about the offspring.


This is a nice species. I have seen both pomifera and villosa given as the correct name. Pomifera is certainly more descriptive. I grew my plants from some seed I got from the International Bulb Society seed exchange, of all things. I ended up with 20