Rosa minutifolia - source of species and/or hybrids?

Does anyone know where I can obtain Rosa minutifolia? Have there been any successful hybrids of it? If so, are there any that are fertile?

Thanks much!

Jim Sproul

I had it here but couldn’t keep it alive long term. It seems to do best on the coast from what I’ve gathered.

Didn’t Mr. Moore try working with it for some time? I don’t think he ever got anything out of it.

Hi Robert,

Yes, I think that Mr. Moore had trouble working with it also and I don’t believe that he got anything out of it.

I understand that it tends to bloom during the wetter winter weather in Baja, so is not typically in bloom for easy use with other roses.

Jim Sproul

I’m sure Mr Moore and or Burling budded minutifolia and it lived that way for a time. Burling would know more.

I thought about using it but it clearly wasn’t adapted well here. There was a small retailer on the coast offering it.

Try this supplier. I know they offer it on occasion. It thrives for them in Arroyo Grande.


The Hesperhodos types, along with the hulth types, look to be really horrid choices for the Pacific Northwest, which is why I avoided any options concerning them for immediate species hybridization. However, if I did use any of them as species, it’d prolly be with rugosas.

Minutifolia Albiflora buds showing up, one is pollinated:


It flowers very late. Maybe in the couple weeks a lot crosses. But it’s late in the season.

Timo, those buds are very pretty, but look quite different from the ones on HelpMeFind. Does your variety have extremely small foliage? Have you had any seedlings from it?


Jim Sproul

Jim, there’s a natives nursery outside San Juan Capistrano that has R. minutifolia. They have apparently perfected a propagation technique. I hear they always have nice specimens for sale. I can’t say this is an easy rose to keep alive. Mine is already unhappy.


Jim, the buds are from R. minutifolia f. albiflora which I bought from Loubert this year. They are not from R. minutifolia. It has indeed small foliage. Today I made the 2nd pollination with Sonnenr

The foliage of the albiflora plant also looks very different from the minutifolia on HMF. As do the thorns. When I saw the plant in person I already wondered whether it was a real form of R. minutifolia. It kind of reminded me of a miniature Caninae species, although that was an intuitive thought.


Thanks Cass for the resource!

Jim Sproul

Does anyone have a photo of the seeds of R. minutifolia, or at least any idea of their size?

Hi Don,

No photos of seeds here, but I suspect that they would be quite small to match the blooms and leaves.

Kathy Strong (thanks Kathy!), on RHA was very nice to help me get one, and it has survived! And sure enough, it started blooming about 2 or 3 weeks ago. More buds coming on, but I doubt that I will be able to get any good pollen to save in the freezer since we have had freezing temperatures on and off over the last couple of weeks (today is beautiful though up to 68).

I too would be interested in any photos of seeds or seedlings.

Jim Sproul

Mr. Moore played with this one for years. He budded his.

Jim, it’s not a photo, but it’s…something. Take a look at the NY Botanical Garden’s virtual herbarium specimens on the link below. The first (and second) specimen has a hip (I think) in the upper right corner. It’s huge, at least relative to the size of the foliage.


Hey great site - thanks Cass!

Now, I wonder if there are seeds in those envelopes in the photos???

Jim Sproul