Rosa hemisphaerica

I stumbled across an older thread where several members were looking for R. hemisphaerica. If anyone’s still looking, I gave Carol Newcomb at Northland Rosarium my plant several years ago and though she hasn’t offered it, she said she’ll take orders for next year. David, if you still need leaves, I can send them.

Hi Kevin!!

Thank you!!! :0) I was able to get a couple leaves from Greenmantle for the DNA analysis. We are still trying to interpret the data. If we need more DNA for some additional studies I’ll know who to reach out to. Thank you again.

You’re welcome, David. I’m glad you found what you needed.

Hello David,
concerning R. hemisphaerica and your performed DNA analysis, may I ask you what insight you have come to. This special rose has long sparked my interest. In the meantime I came to know that she could be prone to black spot and the flowers tend to ball up by rain or humidy. But mainly, she is not easy to reach within Europe.

Nevertheless, I would be very grateful for some interpreted details. Great thanks !