Rosa glauca into moderns

Works quite well.

[Ebb Tide x ( R. kordesii × (Rosa glauca X Rosa pendulina))]

Paternal pollen donor from Joan Monteith. Paternal parent by Robert Rippetoe.

6-8’ tall bendable pillar. Easy to train. Rebloom. Bloom size slightly larger than Ebb Tide. Color is a little more purple in person. Similar to ‘Stiletto’ in color.

Unlike most Ebb Tide seedlings, and many moderns to be honest, not prone to downy. This spring has been noting but rain, and modern roses like Brilliant Veranda have no foliage left due to downy.

Luckily, I can freely share photos of this one for education (and fun), since I won’t trial it.

Anyway, never be afraid of using species. Even the ones with wonky genetics.
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