Rosa fedtschenkoana seeds wanted

Can someone supply me with Rosa fedtschenkoana seeds this fall?



I have a Rosa Fedtschenkoana in its third year and it has never make any hips.


Could you provide me pollen for next year, pocajun?

I would like to pollinate it with my Rosa moschata abysinnica next year.

Enrique, sent you an email this morning.



I collected some hips from my R. fedtschenkoana yesterday. Most were pretty broken down but there were a few that were still red and in pretty good condition. I have well over 100 seeds from these hips and most did sink when tested for flotation. I am in the US and I believe you are in Canada. The last time I sent seeds over the border was pre-9/11, so I don’t know what type of restrictions are now in place. Just let me know if it is possible to send these.

Julie Overom


As far as I know, there aren’t any restrictions to send rose seeds from the U.S. to Canada. But if you send the seed, it’s best to mark on the envelope “Rose seeds for botanical garden.” Otherwise, postal workers may get suspecious what kind of seeds they are. Indeed, they are for the Devonian Botanic Garden. The current shrub at the DBG labeled Rosa fedtschenkoana is not this species but appears similar to Rosa beggeriana.

I’ll take all your seeds. And many thanks for your assistance.

My mailing address:

Paul G. Olsen

Box 1907

Edmonton, Alberta

Canada T5J 2P3

The envelope is addressed and they will be put in the mail tomorrow. Julie